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"Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes."

I graduated physical therapy school in 2018 and could not wait to start my first job as a physical therapist in an outpatient orthopedic clinic. It's what I thought I wanted for YEARS. I spent two years at this job, and I absolutely cherish all the relationships I've made with my former patients and coworkers, but I knew that this setting was not right for me.

I wanted more.

I didn't like that insurance dictated everything I did. I didn't like seeing more than one patient at a time for 8 hours. I didn't like that it was hard for me to treat athletes of my own kind, namely CrossFit athletes, without any typical equipment that you would see in a CrossFit gym.

I wanted more.

I took the biggest risk of my life and left my clinic job in March 2021, and went full-time working for myself in a CrossFit gym. I am the in-house physical therapist at CrossFit Westchase.

Now, I work with CrossFit athletes, active individuals, and lifetime movers that refuse to say "no" to doing the things they love.

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