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The Stoic Physio

Our Founder

The Stoic Physio was founded to serve the people that aren't strangers to hard work. Rehab is an active process and requires both physical and mental work. This company is not only a brand, but a movement, a symbol of hard work and determination, and represents a community of individuals that want to become better humans inside and out. It is the power of the mind to be unconquerable!


–Dr. Melissa

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& Our Values


Our mission is to forge strong and resilient humans, both physically and mentally.


Intention Gratitude Growth Mindset


Dr. Melissa PT, DPT, MS

Melissa is an orthopedic-trained physiotherapist that believes in changing lives through movement and mindset.

Melissa earned her Bachlor's degree in Kinesiology from the University of Maryland in 2016, and then earned her Master's degree in Anatomy and Clinical Health Science and Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Delaware in 2018. 

She began the journey of entrepreneurship in 2020, just after COVID struck the world, as she was unsatisfied with today's healthcare system. Melissa specializes in working with CrossFit athletes, as well as other fitness and strength athletes. Being located in a CrossFit affiliate and training the sport allows her to relate to her patients. In addition to fitness athletes, Melissa enjoys working with individuals that love being active and are focused on movement for longevity.

In her free time, Melissa enjoys watching and playing sports and spending time on the beach in the Florida sunshine. Melissa is a New York native and die hard Yankees fan. 

OUR Story

Dr. Melissa Capurro had known her entire life that she wanted to be a physical therapist, willing to do anything to achieve that goal. The 2.5 years she spent in PT school were some of the most challenging of her life. Towards the end of her PT journey, she was introduced to Stoicism, which taught her to control her emotions, focus only on what she could control, and understand that we often suffer more in our minds than in reality. These principles helped her push through to earn her doctorate (hence "The Stoic Physio") and make a significant move to Tampa, FL to start her career.

Dr. Capurro graduated from physical therapy school in 2018, eager to start her career at an outpatient orthopedic clinic—a dream she had pursued for years. During her two years there, she built cherished relationships with patients and coworkers. However, she soon realized that this setting wasn't the right fit for her.

She wanted more.

Dr. Capurro disliked that insurance dictated her every move, that she had to see multiple patients simultaneously for eight hours straight, and that she couldn't adequately treat CrossFit athletes without the proper equipment found in a CrossFit gym.

She wanted more.

In March 2021, she took the biggest risk of her life and left her clinic job to work full-time for herself in a CrossFit gym. Now, she is the in-house physical therapist at CrossFit Westchase.

Today, Dr. Capurro works with CrossFit athletes, active individuals, and lifelong movers who refuse to give up on the activities they love.

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